IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Newsletter | Volume 14 | Issue 2 | April 2020 | CURRENT/PAST ISSUES



  • President’s Message
  • Special News
    • Conference Re-arrangements due to COVID-19 Pandemic
    • IEEE CASS Virtual Distinguished Lecturer Webinar Series
    • CASS COVID-19 Special Student Design Competition
    • COVID-19 Related Research and Technologies Free to Access in IEEE Xplore®
  • Workshop/Talk News
    • Circuits and Systems in the Heart of London: Second IEEE UKCAS Workshop 2019 — Sara Ghoreishizadeh and Hadi Heidari
    • Techfest 2020 IIT Bombay — Rajiv Joshi
    • Second IEEE South East Asia Circuits and System (SEACAS) Hackathon — Fakhrul Zaman Rokhani
    • Third IEEE South East Asia Workshop on Circuits and System (SEACAS) — Fakhrul Zaman Rokhani
  • Publication News
    • JETCAS Special Issue on Communication-aware Designs and Methodologies for Reliable and Adaptable On-Chip AI SubSystems and Accelerators
    • Latest Tables of Contents of CAS Sponsored Journals
  • Call for Papers & Invitations
    • IEEE ISCAS 2020, Seville, Spain (October 2020)
    • AICAS 2020, Genoa, Italy (August 2020)
    • ISQED 2020, Santa Clara, USA (Online)
    • ISICAS 2020, Paris, France (August 2020)
    • VLSI DAT 2020, Hsinchu, Taiwan (August 2020)
    • MWSCAS 2020, Springfield, USA (August 2020)
    • ESWEEK 2020, Hamburg, Germany (September 2020)
    • SiPS 2020, Coimbra, Portugal (October 2020)
    • NEWCAS 2020, Montreal, Canada (November 2020)
    • ICECS 2020, Glasgow, Scotland (November 2020)


Schedule & Submission

This newsletter is published bimonthly and the tentative publication dates are in the middle of February, April, June, August, October and December. Except for the inaugural issue which had experienced some delay, all issues are scheduled to appear on the 15th of the month of publication. However, a few days of delay or advancement is possible due to various administrative or logistical problems.

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C. K. Michael Tse
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE CASS Newsletter
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