IEEE MGA GOLD Achievement Award 2009

Our CASS member Elvis (Pui-In) Mak won the 2009 IEEE MGA GOLD Achievement Award. This award is to recognize his distinguished contribution to GOLD.

Photo (right): Dr Elvis Mak received the award plaque from Prof. Rui Martins, CASS VP-Region 10

In his capacity as CASS Board-of-Governor (BoG) member*, Elvis has many opportunities to participate in society’s projects, network with volunteers around the globe, and execute new initiatives to enrich the values of CASS membership:

IEEE CAS Society Pre-Doctoral Scholarships – they are in place since 2010, aiming to financially assist young members in purchasing their study and recognize their works.

GOLD Session – GOLD/Technology Management Joint Session was held in ISCAS 2009 in Taipei. Experts around the globe shared their technology management skills. A PhD/GOLD Session and a WiCAS/GOLD Reception will be co-held in ISCAS 2010 in Paris. The theme of the Session is “Young Scholars to Become Successful Professors”. Both experienced and young professors will highlight their practices in purchasing their careers.

Facebook Network – many IEEE CASS GOLD members have joined to share news and create friendships.

*all GOLD members of CASS are highly encouraged to run the annual CASS BoG election.

About the Award

This award is to recognize those substantial projects or achievements of a relatively short nature (one to three years) but have left an undeniable imprint on the fabric of Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) operations. 

The award will be based on a selection that recognizes individuals or teams involved with GOLD activities who are recognized for singular achievement in the development and completion of a project(s) or activity(ies) which are directed to the fulfillment of one or more of the GOLD goals and/or objectives. The accomplishments of the candidate should be of "significant performance" and should have made a distinguishing contribution to GOLD.

Up to six MGA GOLD Achievement Awards will be presented annually. For more information, please visit the award website.

Elvis Mak, University of Macau, Macau (

Nomination for IEEE CASS Awards

The purpose of the annual IEEE Circuits & Systems Society Awards is to illuminate the accomplishments of CAS Society members and celebrate their dedication and contributions both within the field and to the CAS Society. Award recipients are nominated by their CASS peers in order to honor the service and contributions that further strengthen the CAS Society.

Take a moment to review the Society & Achievement Awards that are presented by the CAS Society. If you would like to nominate the accomplishments of a fellow Society member, complete and submit the corresponding nomination application listed below:

  1. Society Award nominations ( PDF , DOC )

  2. Paper Award nominations ( PDF , DOC )

  3. Chapter-of-theYear Award nominations ( PDF , DOC )

Nominations for the annual CASS awards are now being accepted. All nominations and reference letters must be submitted electronically by February 15, 2009, to

Details can be found in the award page of the society’s website.


IEEE Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Award 2010

The 2010 IEEE Gustav Robert KIrchhoff Award was awarded to Prof. HITOSHI WATANABE, Professor Emeritus, Department of Information Systems Science, Soka University, Tokyo, Japan. The award recognizes Prof. Watanabe for his “pioneering contributions to filter design theory and computer-aided circuit design.”

Newly Elected IEEE Fellows 2010

The following CAS members have been elected to the Fellowship of the IEEE effective January 1, 2010 (names with asterisk (*) are elevated by the CAS Society):

Bernabe Linares Barranco*

Georg Brasseur

Masashi Horiguchi

Andrew Kahng

Uwe Kraus

Tor Lande*

Yusuf Leblebici*

Andrew Marshall*

Peter Maxwell

Anand Raghunathan

Alevoor Rao

Yong Rui*

Seth Sanders

Dan Schonfeld

Jose Silva*

Shumpei Yamazaki

Howard Yang*

Wenwu Zhu*

Xinhua Zhuang*

Congratulations to all the new CAS Fellows!

CASS Distinguished Lecturers 2010-2011

The CAS Society has appointed its Distinguished Lecturers for 2010-2011. Names and proposed lectures of the new appointees are:

Ralph Etienne-Cummings

Lecture #1: Distinguished Lectures in Neuromorphic Engineering

Ling Guan

Lecture #1: Optimal Resource Allocation for Video Streaming over Distributed Communication Systems

Lecture #2: Methods and Techniques for Multimodal Information Fusion

Yusuf Leblebici

Lecture #1: Subthreshold Source-Coupled Circuit Design for Ult

Yiannos Manoli

Lecture #1: Energy Harvesting - from Devices to Systems

Yoshikazu Miyanaga

Lecture #1: Robust Speech Recognition and its LSI Design

Lecture #2: Next Generation Wireless Communication Systems

Ruchir Puri

Lecture #1: Will 22nm be our catch 22! Design and CAD Challenges

Lecture #2: From "Custom" Mars to "Synthesis" Venus : Visions

Wee Ser

Lecture #1: Wearable Respiratory Monitoring: Algorithms and System Design

Lecture #2: Near-field Microphone Array: Algorithms and System Design

Ljiljana Trajkovic

Lecture #1: Analysis of Internet Topologies

Lecture #2: Mining Network Traffic Data

Gilson Inacio Wirth

Lecture #1: Reliability and Yield of MOS Devices and Circuits

A full list of current Distinguished Lecturers can be found in the society’s website.


IEEE CASS 2010 Pre-Doctoral Scholarship

In 2010, the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society will award two Pre-Doctoral Scholarships.  Nominations must be submitted electronically to by 15 February 2010.


CAS will support a scholarship for one pre-doctoral student to visit a research institution or another university abroad for up to one year: $15k

Selection criteria for Pre-Doctoral Scholarship #1:

  1. A CAS Member for at least two years and is enrolled in a PhD program related to the fields of interest of CAS may submit a proposal (up to 3 pages) including:

  2. CV (with academic records attached)

  3. Certificate/evidence of the enrollment in a PhD program (student ID card)

  4. Description of the PhD study plan

  5. The expected outcome of the research program and how it advances the state-of-the-art

  6. Endorsements from both institutions

  7. Brief description of the importance of receiving the CAS scholarship


CAS will offer a pre-doctoral fellowship to recognize a young member enrolled in a PhD program in a field related to the Circuits and Systems Society field of interest.  The winner of the award will receive paid travel to ISCAS 2010 to receive the award: $25k (stipend of $15k, tuition and fees up to a maximum of $8k, and a grant of $2k to the department in which the recipient is registered)

Selection criteria for Pre-Doctoral Scholarship #2:

  1. A CASS Member for at least two years and is enrolled in a PhD program related to the field of interest of CAS may submit a proposal (up to 3 pages) including:

  2. CV (with academic records attached)

  3. Certificate/evidence of the enrollment in a PhD program (student ID card)

  4. Description of the PhD study plan

  5. The expected outcome of the research program and how it advances the state-of-the-art

  6. Evidences showing the significance of the research (papers, patents)

  7. Endorsement from his/her supervisor

  8. Funding rules