IEEE CAS Awards 2010

Every year the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CAS) recognizes individuals who have paid outstanding contributions to the technical fields covered by the Society. We select deserving individuals for each of the CAS Awards that are handed out annually (and one Award biannually).

In addition, CAS presents Best Paper Awards annually to authors of selected best papers published in the Society’s journals in one of the two preceding years. All are selected by a dedicated committee after a call for nominations which is open to the entire membership.

The following are the recipients of the 2010 CAS Awards:


IEEE Gustav Robert Kirchhoff’s Award  —  Hitoshi Watanabe

For pioneering contributions to filter design theory and computer-aided circuit design


IEEE Leon K. Kirchmayer Graduate Teaching Award  —  Alan N. Willson, Jr.

For exemplary teaching and curriculum development and for inspirational guidance of PhD. student research in the area of circuits and systems


IEEE CAS Society Mac Van Valkenburg Award  —  Lawrence  T. Pileggi

For seminal contributions to VLSI interconnect modeling, analysis, and optimization via model order reduction methods, and the dissemination of this work into the industrial community and engineering curriculum


IEEE CAS Society Technical Achievement Award  —  Jason Cong

For seminal contributions to electronic design automation, especially in FPGA synthesis, VLSI interconnect optimization, and physical design automation


IEEE CAS Society Education Award  —  Yannis Tsividis

For extensive contributions to the teaching of electronic circuits and systems using motivated learning


IEEE CAS Society Industrial Pioneer Award  —  Jose Franca

For outstanding contribution, achieved through industrious and indefatigable activity conducted with extreme intelligence and broad vision, in the creation from scratch of a high level scientific environment in academia with the subsequent pioneer ability and entrepreneurship to transfer the knowledge and experience timely to the electronics industry, with significant world-level impact

IEEE CAS Society Transactions on Circuits and Systems Guillemin-Cauer Best Paper Award  —  Nicola Da Dalt

For  the paper entitled “Linearized Analysis of a Digital Bang-Bang PLL and Its Validity Limits Applied to Jitter Transfer and Jitter Generation,” IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, pp. 3663-3675, December 2008


IEEE CAS Society Transactions on Circuits and Systems  Darlington  Best Paper Award  —  Sudip Shekhar, Mozhgan Mansuri, Frank O’Mahony, Ganesh Balamurugan, James E. Jaussi, Joseph Kennedy, David J. Allstot, Randy Mooney, and Bryan Casper

For the paper entitled “Strong Injection Locking in Low-Q Oscillators: Modeling and Application in a Forwarded-Clock I/O Receiver,” IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Part I: Regular Papers, pp 1818-1829, August 2009


IEEE CAS Society CSVT Transactions Best Paper Award  —  Yi Pang, Lifeng Sun, Jiantao Wen, Fengyan Zhang, Weidong Hu, Wei Feng and Shiqiang Yang

For the paper entitled “A Framework for Heuristic Scheduling for Parallel Processing on Multicore Architecture: A Case Study with Multiview Video Coding,” IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, pp. 1658-1666, November 2009


IEEE CAS Society TBioCAS Best Paper Award  —  Jennifer Blain Christen and Andreas G. Andreou

For the paper entitled “Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a Hybrid CMOS/PDMS Microsystem for Cell Culture and Incubation,” IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, pp. 3-18, January 2007

IEEE CAS Society Outstanding Young Author Award  —  Pui-In Mak  (with R. P. Martins)

For the paper entitled “Design of an ESD-Protected Ultra-Wideband LNA in Nanoscale CMOS for Full-Band Mobile TV Tuners”, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, pp. 933-942, May 2009  

IEEE CAS Society Chapter of the Year Award  —  Peru Chapter

Carlos Silva Cardenas, Chapter Chair


IEEE CAS Society Regions 1-7 Chapter of the Year Award  —  Santa Clara Valley Chapter

Mark S. Hooper, Chapter Chair


IEEE CAS Society Region 8 Chapter of the Year Award  —  Greece Chapter

Athanassios Skodras, Chapter Chair


IEEE CAS Society Region 9 Chapter of the Year Award  —  Puebla Chapter

Arturo Sarmiento Reys, Chapter Chair


IEEE CAS Society Region 10 Chapter of the Year Award    India Council CAS Chapter

Kandala S. Chari, Chapter Chair


ISCAS Student Best Paper Award 

Kwan Ting Ng, “A Frequency-Based Signature Gas Identification Circuit for SnO2 Gas Sensors”

Raphael Berner, “Event-based Color Change Pixel in Standard CMOS”

Jun Zhou, “Joint Estimation and Compensation for Front-end Imperfection in MB-OFDM UWB Systems”

Yan Li, “Efficiency Enhancement and Linearity Trade-Offs for Cascode vs. Common-Emitter SiGe Power Amplifiers in WiMAX Polar Transmitters”


ISCAS Best Demo Award 

Christoph Posh, et al., “Asynchronous Time Based Image Sensor (ATIS) Camera with Full Custom AE Processor”

Paul Hasleret al., “Hardware and Software Infrastructure for a Family of Floating-Gate Based FPAAs”

IEEE CAS Society Pre-Doctoral Scholarship  —  Ioannis Syllaios

Saeed Zeinolabedinzadeh