Inauguration of Chua Memristor Center at TU Dresden

I am pleased to inform you that I have opened with Thomas Mikolajick and Dietmar Fey the "Chua Memristor Center (CMC)“ at the 5th Memristor Symposium in Dresden.  Based upon the nonlinear dynamics of memristors, the CMC combines theoretical and experimental expertise to enable a development of novel forms of computation and circuits to overcome the limits of conventional CMOS technology. Leon Chua, Stan Williams, Marco Gilli, Fernando Corinto Dalibor Biolek, and Shahar Kvatinsky are the first members of the scientific advisory board so far, we are planning now more invitations and the next steps… The opening of the CMC was mentioned on the web pages of leading German newspapers, and on the webpage of TU Dresden.

Ronald Tetzlaff, TU Dresden, Germany

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