If you wish to alert CASS members about the meetings sponsored or organized by your Technical Committees, please send information to the Editor-in-Chief (cktse@ieee.org).
Second Annual IEEE Systems Conference
The IEEE Systems Conference will be held at Marriott Chateau-Champlain, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, during April 7 to 10, 2008. This conference addresses both the Engineering and Educational aspects of Complex Integrated Systems and Systems-of-Systems with implications for Systems Engineering, Systems Integration, and overall “Systems Thinking”. Join us for an exciting week of high-level systems-level theory, application and deliberation!
Registration will open approximately January 15, 2008. Please visit http://www.ieeesystemscouncil.org/conference-2008/sysconference2008.asp to register, or to view the current Technical Program (also available January 15, 2008)
For Technical Program information, contact Paul Croll, CSC, pcroll@csc.com. For registration information, contact Chris Dyer, cdyer@conferencecatalysts.com. For general information, contact Bob Rassa, bob.rassa@ieee.org. 

The IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) is the world’s premier networking forum for leading  researchers in the highly active fields of theory, design and implementation of circuits and systems. ISCAS 2008, sponsored by the CAS Society and supported by the University of Washington, will be held in Seattle, USA, from 18 to 21 May 2008. The theme of ISCAS 2008 is “Green” Circuits and Systems: Engineering the Environmental Revolution. The conference website is http://www.iscas2008.org and the important dates are
Deadline for submission of Tutorial Proposals: 7 September 2007
Deadline for submission of Special Sessions Proposals: 7 September 2007
Notification of acceptance of Special Sessions Proposals: 21 September 2007
Deadline for submission of Full 4-page Papers in Regular Sessions: 12 October 2007
Deadline for submission of Full 4-page Papers in Special Sessions: 2 November 2007
Notification of Paper Acceptance: 4 January 2008
Deadline for submission of FINAL Papers: 8 February 2008
Deadline for Author Registration: 15 February 2008
Fourth Conference on PhD Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (PRIME 2008)
The 4th Conference on PhD Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (PRIME 2008) will be held at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey, from June 22 to June 25, 2008. 
PRIME invites submissions from students pursuing their PhD in the topics of interest below. A 4-page (max) draft is required. This includes title, author(s) (a PhD student must be the first author and the presenter), affiliation and a concise and clear description of the work. The conference website is http://www.prime2008-istanbul.com.
Design and use of MEMS in ICs
Analog and digital signal processing
VLSI and SoC applications
Visual signal processing
Computer aided design
Analog, RF, digital and mixed ICs design
Integrated power ICs
Sensor systems
- Deadline for submission of papers: January 25, 2008 
- Notification of acceptance: March 21, 2008 
- Deadline for submission of camera-ready paper: April 18, 2008 http://www.ieeesystemscouncil.org/conference-2008/sysconference2008.aspmailto:pcroll@csc.commailto:cdyer@conferencecatalysts.commailto:bob.rassa@ieee.orghttp://www.iscas2008.orghttp://www.iscas2008.orghttp://www.prime2008-istanbul.comshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2shapeimage_2_link_3shapeimage_2_link_5shapeimage_2_link_6
Upcoming Conferences/Workshops
Third International Symposium on Communications, Control and Signal Processing (ISCCCP’08)
The 3rd International Symposium on Communications, Control and Signal Processing (ISCCSP’08) will be held at the Le Méridien Hotel, St. Julians, Malta. For details, please go to http://www.eng.um.edu.mt/isccsp2008.

IEEE International Conference on Circuits and Systems for Communications (IEEE ICCSC 2008)
IEEE ICCSC 2008 will be held in Shanghai, China, from May 26 to 28, 2008. For details of the conference, go to http://www.ieee-iccsc.org/2008/.

International Conference on Communications, Circuits and Systems (ICCCAS 2008)
ICCCAS 2008 will be held in Xiamen, China, from May 25 to 27, 2008. For details of the conference, go to http://icccas08.uestc.edu.cn/ 

International Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics of Electronic Systems 2008 (NDES 2008)
NDES2008 will be held on board the river boat "Georgy Zhukov" cruising up and down the Volga river starting in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, from July 20-26, 2008. For details, see http://www.nwp.sci-nnov.ru/ 

2008 CMOS Emerging Technology Workshop
CMOS Emerging Technologies Workshop is a research and business event for those who want to discuss and find out about new exciting high tech opportunities. The 2008 workshop will be held in Vancouver, from August 5 to 7, 2008. For details, see http://www.cmoset.com 

International Conference on Signals and Electronic Systems (ICSES’08)
ICSES’08 is the 5th issue of a biannual series started in 2000 and preceded by 22 annual national conferences, and will be held in Krakow from September 14-17, 2008. Contributions are expected regarding new signal processing techniques, circuit and system architectures, modeling and simulation techniques, CAD tools and  related areas. For details, see http://www.icses2008.agh.edu.pl 

International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA 2008)
NOLTA 2008 will be held in Budapest, Hungary, from September 6 to 10, 2008. Stay tuned for further news. For details of the conference, go to http://nolta2008.org/ 

International Conference on Microelectronics (ICM'08)
ICM'08 will be held at the Millennium Hotel in the wonderful city of Sharjah, located on the shores of the Arabian gulf a few miles away from Dubai, between December 14-16, 2008. See http://www.ieee-icm.com/ 

ISCAS 2009, sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and supported by National Cheng Kung University, will be held in Taiwan, from 24 to 27 May, 2009.

If you wish to alert CASS members about the meetings/conferences/workshops in our fields of interest, please send information to the Editor-in-Chief (cktse@ieee.org).http://www.eng.um.edu.mt/isccsp2008http://www.ieee-iccsc.org/2008/http://icccas08.uestc.edu.cnhttp://www.nwp.sci-nnov.ruhttp://www.cmoset.comhttp://www.icses2008.agh.edu.plhttp://nolta2008.orghttp://www.ieee-icm.comInvitations_files/ISCAS2009-1.jpgmailto:cktse@ieee.orgshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6shapeimage_4_link_7shapeimage_4_link_9