IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Newsletter | Volume 14 | Issue 5 | October 2020 | CURRENT/PAST ISSUES


CASS Webinars Organised by CASS Rio Grande do Sul Chapter on Behalf of CASS Region 9

A series of virtual CASS Webinars is being organised by CASS Rio Grande do Sul Chapter on behalf of CASS Region 9. The talks are free and open to anyone around the globe. Details are as follows:

YouTube Live @ IEEE CASS Rio Grande do Sul Chapter

Next CASS Rio Grande do Sul  Talks (always on Fridays, 1:30 PM Brasilia Time, GMT-3):                            

  • October 16, Sergio Bampi, UFRGS, Brazil, Maximum CMOS Energy Efficiency for IoT Devices: The case for Near-Threshold Logic and Mixed-Signal Circuits
  • October 23, Maciej Ogorzalek, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, 3D integration - current developments and future outlook
  • October 30, Jose de La Rosa, CNM, Spain, Analog/Digital Interfaces in the Era of Digital Transformation
  • November 6, Cecilia Metra, Safety and Reliability Challenges to Enable Highly Autonomous Intelligent Systems 
  • November 20, Maria Mushtaq, LIRMM, Univ Montpellier, France, Microarchitectural Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigations 

Next Industrial talks (Wednesdays, 6:00 PM, GM-3)

  • October 14, Daniel Enrique Musciano, Allegro, Argentina, An Overview of 20 years of IC Design from Argentina
  • October 21, Nestor Campos and Agustin Martino, INPHI, Argentina, Developing SOCs for Coherent Optical Applications
  • October 28, Federico Paredes, I-Tera, Argentina, 
  • November 4, Tiago Maranhão Alves, SUNEW, Brazil, Organic Photovoltaics: From Lab-to-Fab
  • November 25, João Batista, SMDH, Brazil

Flyers with each talk abstracts and speaker’s short bio are available at the CASS webpage:

Ricardo Reis, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

First African Webinar Series on Fundamentals in Circuits and Systems and Emerging Technologies

The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, together with Texas A&M University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has created it's first African Webinar Series which will be on the topic of Fundamentals in Circuits and Systems and Emerging Technologies. This series, created specifically for our members and colleagues in Africa, contains eight webinars from speakers around the world.

Promoting the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and the field of circuits and systems engineering to geographical areas with limited CASS membership and involvement is a key initiative in the current IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Strategic Plan, which was developed by the CAS Society Leadership.

We encourage you to share this webinar series with any friends, family, colleagues, or students you may have in Africa. We aim for this webinar series to be the first of many and further our Society's goal to develop meaningful connections throughout the world.

Webinar 1
Introduction to Machine Learning
Prof. Tokunbo Ogunfunmi
8 October 2020

Webinar 2
Prof. Andreas Demosthenous
Fundamentals of Bioelectronics for Applications in Implantable and Wearable Medical Devices
9 October 2020

Webinar 3
Prof. Prasad Enjeti
Smart Grid and Power Electronics
12 October 2020

Webinar 4
Prof. Jose Silva-Martinez
Fundamentals on Electronics: A Design Oriented Teaching Methodology
13 October 2020

Webinar 5
Prof. Babak Fahimi
Electrified Propulsion Systems in Battery EV and Fuel Cell Vehicles
14 October 2020

Webinar 6
Prof. Keshab K. Parhi
Brain-Inspired Computing: Models and Accelerator Architectures
15 October 2020

Webinar 7
Prof. David J. Allstot
Conventional and gm/ID Design Techniques for CMOS Operational Amplifiers
19 October 2020

Webinar 8
Prof. Randall L. Geiger
Data Converters, Calibration, and Testing
20 October 2020