IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Newsletter | Volume 17 | Issue 1 | February 2023 | CURRENT/PAST ISSUES


CASS Distinguished Lecturers 2023-2024

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Sudipto Chakraborty

Herbert Ho-Ching Iu

Emre Salman

Baker Mohammad

Milin Zhang

Yuanjin Zheng

Ahmadreza (Reza) Rofougaran

Yen-Kuang Chen

Yiran Chen

Danilo Demarchi


Call for Awards Nominations (Deadline Extension to March 1, 2023)

This message is to notify you that nominations for the annual awards of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society are now being accepted. Nominations should be submitted online by 1 March 2023.

Award Nomination Forms:

It is very desirable that members who have contributed significantly to the various CAS Society activities highlighted by our awards be recognized. This is our way of showing our appreciation for their accomplishments.

Note: Self-nominations are not allowed for any award other than the Pre-Doctoral Grant.

Questions regarding awards and nominations should be sent to the CASS Operations Manager at
Thank you for your cooperation and effort.
Amara Amara, 2022-2023 Awards Committee Chair

2023 Awards Details:

Society and Achievement Awards

For additional information, please visit the Society & Achievements Awards page on the CASS website.   

Pre-Doctoral Grants
Ten pre-doctoral grants are given annually to recognize a young member enrolled in a Ph.D. program in a field related to the Circuits and Systems Society Field of Interest.

For additional information, please visit the Pre-Doctoral Grants page on the CASS website.

Student Travel Grants

To provide financial assistance to IEEE CASS Student Members (including IEEE CASS Graduate Student Members) to enable them to present their research work at CASS flagship conferences.

For additional information, please visit the Student Travel Grants page on the CASS website.

Best Paper Awards

For additional information, please visit the Outstanding Paper Awards page on the CASS website. 

Chapter Awards

For additional information, please visit the Chapter Awards page on the CASS website.   

Submit a nomination for the awards listed above using the submission forms here.


CASS Developing Nations Discount Program

The IEEE CASS has established a CASS membership fee discount program for all CASS members, including students, who chose the Essential Package and reside in Developing nations and Low-income countries. The criteria details of the discount program are shown below:

  1. Developing nations - use promo code: CASS23DEVNAT50
    • 50% discount on CASS membership dues. 
  2. Low-income economies- use promo code: CASS23LOWINC80
    • An 80% discount on CASS membership dues. 

The discount is not cumulative with other promotions and does not apply to the Preferred Package.

The developing and low-income economy nations must be consistent with the current parity discounts offered for electronic memberships to higher grade members. View the list of eligible countries to participate in the developing nations discount program here.

For a list of IEEE Membership Dues discount programs available to members, please visit their website.


ISCAS 2027 - Call for Proposals

The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) is soliciting proposals for the organization of its flagship conference, the International Symposium for Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) for the year 2027. ISCAS 2027 is open to all regions.

At this time, we are soliciting an Expression of Interest.

The Expression of Interest needs to include the following information:

  1. The name of the General Chair and Key Committee members with their resume
  2. Biography, written as an appendix, of the General Chair and Key Committee members focusing on their current or past involvement in CASS leadership and CASS conferences (to not exceed one page per/person)
  3. Details on any sponsoring organizations, including IEEE OU's and any outside organizations
  4. Lead Contact for local hosts and contact details
  5. Proposed destination and venue
  6. Estimated budget
  7. A letter of commitment from the General Chair to present the proposal in-person/via Zoom at ISCAS 2023 if the letter of intent is accepted
  8. A letter of commitment from local government and industry to pledge financial support to ISCAS 2027 if the letter of intent is accepted

The Expression of Interest may not exceed 3 pages (the General Chair/Key Committee members' resumes are not included in the 3-page maximum). Submit the Expression of Interest electronically to Andrei Vladimirescu, IEEE CASS Vice President of Conferences, at with a copy to the IEEE CASS Operations Manager, at (Click to show email) by 11:59 PM EST (UTC -5:00) on 1 March 2023. 

When submitting your Expression of Interest email, please set the subject line of your submission email using the following template:
'ISCAS 2027 Expression of Interest - Submitter's Last Name'

Proposers will receive notification by 21 March 2023, if their Expression of Interest is accepted. The accepted proposers will then be invited to submit the final ISCAS bid packet, the final bid submission will be due on 8 May 2023.

All information on ISCAS and the Call for Proposal procedure is outlined in the ISCAS Organizing Guide. It is very important that you review this guide thoroughly and carefully before submitting your Expression of Interest.

If you have any questions, please contact the CASS Operations Manager at (Click to show email)