Results of Outreach 2017 

It is the pleasure of the CAS Society to congratulate and recognize the proposals submitted to our 2017 Call for Outreach that have been chosen for funding. More details on our Outreach program can be found here. Details for each activity will be provided as collected from the organizers.

Proposer | Outreach Activities

Cristian Cismaru 1. “Engineering Speaks”;   2. “IEEE Circuits and Systems for Middle School Students”

Tetsushi Ueta 2017 CASS Shikoku Chapter YP and Student Member Meeting

Beijing Chapter 2017 IEEE Forum on Intelligent Media Computing by IEEE CASS Beijing Chapter (updated)

Joseph Cavallaro 2017 Texas Workshop on Integrated System Exploration

Vaillant A Half-Day at IMS Research Center dedicated to CAS-S

Valentina Markova Biomedical data acquisition and applications workshop (BDAA workshop)

Mohammed Arifuddin Sohel CAS Membership development program – Workshop on IoT

Mohammed Arifuddin Sohel CAS Workshop on Internet of Things (IoT)  - A collaborative workshop of CAS Hyderabad and CAS Indonesia.

Shintaro ARAI CASS Event Proposal Contest for Young Researchers -Your Ideas Come True-

Pamela Abshire DC/NoVA/Baltimore CAS Hands-On Workshop Series on Software Defined and Cognitive Radio

Jose Lipovetzky EAMTA 2017 Scholarship

Haslina Jaafar Educational  Visit to Semiconductor Industry for E&E Undergraduate Students

Diego Javier Brengi Eighth Argentine Conference on Embedded Systems

Fotis Plessas Electronic Design, Test, Verification, and EDA Workshop (DTVEDA 2017)

Alex Pappachen James Eurasian Outreach Workshop on Internet of Things Applications

Giulia Di Capua Financial support for SMACD2017 students’ competition

Lee Lini & Harikrishnan Ramiah Fun Engineering Session

Emre Salman Hands-On Electrical Engineering Laboratories for Middle and High School Students

Estêvão Coelho Teixeira Hands-On Tutorials on Electronics, in the Context of Internet of Things

Nurul Amziah Md Yunus IEEE CAS Malaysia WiCAS Program 2017

Nathalie Deltimple IEEE CASS France Chapter Workshop on Environmental impact of RF 5G communications and IoT growth : towards Green Technology

Carlos SILVA-CARDENAS IEEE CASS Latin America DL Program

Ricardo Reis IEEE CASS Rio Grande do Sul Regional 2017 DL Program

Di He IEEE CASS Shanghai-Shikoku Chapters Joint Workshop on Circuits and Systems (IEEE SSJW 2017)

SHIH-CHII LIU IEEE Swiss Deep Learning Networks and Hardware Accelerators Workshop 2017

Victor Grimblatt Industry Tour in Region 9

Mattia Frasca International Tutorial Workshop "Control of complex networks of nonlinear circuits and systems"

Pamela Abshire ISCAS 2017 Tutorial for High School Students on Interactive Jewelry

XUAN-TU TRAN Opening Ceremony of Vietnam Chapter and the 2017 South-East Asia workshop on Circuits and Systems (SEACAS 2017)

Kwen-Siong Chong Sense-making IoT Workshop for Young Researchers

Danilo Demarchi STUDENT TRAVEL GRANTS FOR IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS 2017)

Kyung Ki Kim The first Korean Workshop on Circuits and Systems by IEEE CASS Deagu Chapter to be established in Summer

Hadi Heidari UK-China Emerging Technologies and Integrated Systems (UCETIS) Workshop

Mohohlo Samuel Tsoeu Workshop and Hands-on Tutorial on Human Language Recognition and Translation

STILIANOS SISKOS Workshop on “Bioelectronics”

Orlando Trejo Workshop on technologies, trends and prospects of renewable energy projects.

Jose W Orozco Flores Workshop on VLSI Low Power Design Methodologies, Techniques and Tools


Results of Seasonal Schools in Circuits and Systems (SSCAS) 2017

IEEE CASS is pleased to congratulate the organizers of the following Seasonal Schools in Circuits and Systems that have been chosen to organize activities in 2017. More details on the SSCAS program can be found here. Details for each school will be provided as collected from the organizers.

R8 Seasonal Schools:

  1. Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT), Uni. of Pisa, Italy
  2. IoT BB Seasonal School, Greece

R9 Seasonal Schools:

  1. EAMTA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. Digital Processing of Visual Signals and Applications, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  3. Physical Design Automation, Porto Alegre, Brazil

R10 Seasonal School:

  1. The Fundamental of CMOS Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design, Malaysia


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