IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Newsletter | Volume 17 | Issue 2 | April 2023 | CURRENT/PAST ISSUES


Call for EiC Nominations for the 2024-2025 Term

The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) invites nominations for the position of Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of each of the following transactions and magazine:

The term of duty for all of the positions begins on 1 January 2024 and ends on 31 December 2025. For all positions, a period of four months prior to the beginning of the term (i.e., starting 1 September 2023) will be spent to enable a smooth transition of the EiC duties.

A Selection Committee, appointed by the CASS President, will evaluate all the received nominations and will select the EiCs, except for Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems (TBioCAS) which will be evaluated by the TBioCAS Steering Committee. After the EiCs are chosen, the Selection Committee will identify the corresponding Associate EiCs, in agreement with the newly appointed EiCs. The EiCs will form their own Editorial Boards, which are composed of Associate Editors. Details about the publications for which EiC nominations are sought can be found on the publication pages.

Nominations should be submitted electronically by 2 May 2023, by filling out the form below in order to be considered. The Selection Committee will conclude its duties, and the EiCs will be nominated by the President of the Circuits and Systems Society, by 16 June 2023.

Self-nominations are encouraged if the nominee is a member in good standing of the IEEE and of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.

Desirable qualities of the candidates include established, excellent records of publications in circuits and systems; unquestionable leadership, integrity, and ethical standards; demonstrable organizational and management skills; prior experience as an Editorial Board member; and finally, an energetic eagerness to continue moving the journals forward toward visibly higher levels of accomplishment and contributions to the relevant technical community.

Information on IEEE policies and guidelines regarding EiC responsibilities and duties can be found in Section 2.4 of IEEE Publication Services and Products Board Operations Manual.

IEEE CASS Board of Governors (Term 2024-2026) - Call for Nominations

Dear CAS Society Member:

Each year, the members of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) elect new Governors to serve the Society starting at the beginning of the following year. I am calling on you now to nominate candidates for this year’s Board of Governors (BoG) elections.

CASS is a professional volunteer-based organization. It is essential that we elect energetic and engaged leaders who will organize activities to meet the needs of the entire Circuits and Systems community and who will guide our Society into the future. As a CASS member, you are in an excellent position to know the strengths of your fellow members and how they can best serve our community.

As you consider potential nominees, please take into account that CASS wishes to promote diversity in every possible dimension. As such, CASS would appreciate nominations that complete the current composition of BoG with respect to, to name a few, technical, gender, and geographic diversity.

Board of Governors

Three members of the CAS Society will be elected this year by the Society membership at large to serve a three-year term on the Board of Governors. The other two remaining seats will be filled by the Regional Member at Large position, this position will be elected by the regional Society membership from which they currently reside and will serve a three-year term on the Board of Governors. We are seeking nominations for three Member-at-Large positions, one Region 1-7  Regional Member at Large position, and one Region 9 Regional Member at Large position. For more details on these positions, please read our Society Bylaws.

The Board of Governors represents the members of the Society and approves the Society’s annual budget and amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, elects Society Officers, and authorizes the expenditure of Society funds. Members of the Board of Governors are expected to attend two annual meetings, one in the first half of the year and one in the second half of the year. Eligibility criteria stated briefly in the CAS Society Bylaws at the end of Article IV, Section 3.1, are: the nominee is an IEEE and Society member in good standing for at least two years and meets all other requirements of the Constitution and the Bylaws.

Complete Board of Governors' nominations must be received using the process described at the below by 5:00 PM EDT (UTC -4:00) on 5 June 2023, in order to be considered.

Nomination Process

There are two options for adding nominees to the election slate. Nominators should indicate which of the following two options they prefer.

  1. The first option is to nominate by petition. The IEEE rule regarding the nomination petition process states: “For all positions where the electorate is less than 30,000 voting members, signatures shall be required from 2% of the eligible voters.” The number of signatures required on a petition shall depend on the number of eligible voters, as listed in the official IEEE membership records, at the end of the year preceding the election.” For CASS in this nomination cycle, this implies that we need 203 signatures on a petition for a nominee to be automatically placed on the election ballot. Note: Signatures from student members and affiliate members are not allowed. Graduate student members are eligible to sign a petition as well as vote in the election. If you wish to be nominated by petition, please email The CASS Operations Manager will then set up a web-based petitioning system that will automatically authenticate petition “signatures”. According to IEEE rules, a candidate with a valid nomination by petition is guaranteed to be on the ballot. Please note that only signatures received by close of business on 5 June 2023 at 5:00 PM EDT (UTC -4:00), will be considered. Sign any active petition electronically at Please use your IEEE Account to authenticate access.
  2. The second option involves forwarding the nomination to the Nominations Committee, which may also place candidates on the ballot at its discretion.

Nomination Document

A complete nomination must include:

  • Nomination form
  • Candidate position statement
  • Candidate biography
  • Candidate photo
  1. A completed nomination form is required. 
  2. Candidate position statement. The candidate’s position statement is limited to 1000 words.
    • In addition, the position statement should include answers to the following three questions. (Each answer is limited to 100 words)
    • What are, in your opinion, the three most important services that CASS should provide to its membership?
    • Mention one large long-term initiative that CASS should undertake in the next two years and that you would help to establish if elected.
    • Mention three ways for CASS to reach/serve a specific part of the CASS community that you consider of particular importance (Industry, Academia, young CASS members, members of a specific region, ..)
  3. Candidate biography. The candidate’s biography should be limited to 500 words.
  4. An electronic photograph should be included.

Nomination Submission

The nomination form, biography, candidate position statement, and photo must be submitted through the CASS website by 5 June 2023 at 5:00 PM EDT (UTC -4:00).


The Nominations Committee greatly encourages you to recommend suitable candidates for these elections. Our strength as a society is not only in our engineering expertise but also in our societal spirit including the sharing of information with each other. This we can do best when we have a strong organization with engaged members.

Amara Amara
Chair, 2023 Nominations Committee
IEEE Circuits and Systems Society


CASS Student Travel Grants - Round Two

The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) offers Student Travel Support to enable the recipients to present their research work at CASS Flagship Conferences.

Important Dates:

  1. Submission deadline: 30 April 2023
  2. Decision Announcements: 14 May 2023

The amount of financial assistance provided to each student will be based on the specifics of the travel involved and cannot exceed a maximum of $1,500 USDFor virtual conferences, registration fees can be supported.  Funding is given via reimbursement.

CASS Flagship Conferences:

Student Travel Grant Nomination Form

Selection Criteria:

  • Students must be CASS student members at the time of the application.
  • Students must have had their papers selected for presentation at the conference they plan to attend or have attended.
    • In the case that the grant is for attending a conference occurring after the grant application deadline, a faculty member must confirm that the nominee is an undergraduate or graduate student.
    • In the case of reimbursement for attending a conference that occurred before the application deadline, a faculty member must confirm that the nominee was an undergraduate or graduate student at the time of the conference. 
  • Eligibility will also be based on financial needs.