IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Newsletter | Volume 17 | Issue 4 | August 2023 | CURRENT/PAST ISSUES


Women in Circuits and Systems (WiCAS) in ISCAS 2023

A “Women in Circuits and Systems” (WiCAS) event took place during the 56th IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), the flagship conference of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS). The ISCAS 2023 WiCAS event was held on May 21st, 2023, and organized by Giulia Di Capua (University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy) and Laura Galindez Olascoaga (Apple, USA). The WiCAS event included a panel discussion, driven by the theme “Crafting an impactful career path through disruptive technology: how an inclusive and equitable culture can become an opportunity”. The event involved the participation of two amazing and inspiring speakers: Ayesha Mayhugh (Hexa Global Ventures, USA and Irene Quek (d-Matrix, USA).

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The WiCAS panelists - all women in leadership positions, with excellent records of accomplishment in their fields - shared their research interests, their personal and professional paths, as well as precious experiences and advice with the conference attendees. The panel discussion was a lively and well-attended session on the impact of the gender gap and cognitive biases in women’s careers. After the session, a WiCAS cocktail was organized to thank all the attendees for their participation, and promotional WiCAS items were distributed to all the participants during the social event.

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During the conference, awards were assigned for the best contributions presented in the frame of the WiCAS competition. All WiCAS winners were announced during the ISCAS 2023 awarding ceremony. Three awards were assigned.

  • The “WiCAS Best Paper Award” was assigned to Helia Ordouei, from the Technische Universitat Berlin, Germany, for the paper titled “A Digital Pre-Distortion Technique Canceling Code-and Voltage-Dependent Output Impedance Errors in Current-Steering DACs”.
  • Two “WiCAS Runner Ups” were also assigned: to Cihan Ruan, from the Santa Clara University, Santa Clara (CA), USA, for the paper titled “Efficient DNA-Based Image Coding and Storage”, and to Jiajia Wu, from the University of California, San Diego (CA), USA, for the paper titled “A Low-Noise 0.001Hz-1kHz Sample-Level Duty-Cycling Neural Recording System-on-Chip”. 

The WiCAS co-chairs express their gratitude to the ISCAS 2023 organizing committee and deeply thank the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society for the financial support.

This report was contributed by
Giulia Di Capua